9 Unusual Law Of Attraction Exercises To Manifest Anything With No-Time. Number 9 Is Most Powerful

law of attraction exercise
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Some of these law of attraction exercise or techniques may be odd to you. But it is completely okay. In human evaluation, our body and mind have been programmed to accept our daily routines.

To create new result or the result that you want, your mind and body needs completely new routines.

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Here we listed 5 most powerful law of attraction practice which you can easily adopt and make it one of your daily routines.

Exercise 1: Give the universe a task list

law of attraction exercise - 1

Things you need: A piece of paper and pen.

  • You have to do is draw a column down the center of peace paper
  • on the left side write title as “Things I am inspired to do today”
  • On the right side write title as “Things I want the universe to take care of for me”
  • On the left side column, write only the things you are inspired to take immediate action on. The tasks that feel right and clear to you at the moment (as shown the image).
  • On the right side of the paper write things that you are not clear on. Anything you feel resistance towards, or thinks you have not even figured out how to start yet.
  • Feel grateful. That’s it.

This law of attraction exercise helps you become clear on exactly what you want. While demonstrating faith on the universe can handle any details you are unsure of.

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You may be amazed at how the universe will work out the details for you, without any more effort on your part. One more important thing, any time the universe accomplishes these tasks for you. It is very important to acknowledge it and be grateful for it.

All of life wants to please you, but it must understand what please you first.

Exercise 2: Seeing world with fresh eyes

law of attraction exercise
  • Imaging that you just landed on earth and feel today is the first day here. You have no preconceived notions about anything. Feel everything is fresh and new to you.
  • You immediately realize all of unbelievable experiences you can have on this planet. Now imaging you are writing a letter to someone “back home”.
  • Tell them about the place you are residing in and all the positive it has to offer. Emphasize the convenience of things such as cell phones, televisions, computers and cars.
  • Explain the hundreds of food choices you have with in minute of where you are.
  • Tell them about people, and how there are so many you can meet share things with.
  • Talk about millions of ways these people have to make money. Talk about all the options of fun things to do and places to go.

That’s it. For the next few days keep acting like everything you see is brand new. With this law of attraction exercise, the mind begins to open up to possibilities it may have forgotten about during its normal routine.

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This prompts it to see things differently, and begin to search of more exciting things in its environments. Also our brains automatically search for patterns. Through these type of conditioning, new patterns develop to attract new circumstances and experiences.

It’s also produce the feelings of associated with wonderment and excitement, which carry a specific vibratory rate.

Exercise 3: The “remember when?” Game

law of attraction exercise
  • Choose something you would like to change about your life.
  • Begin to visualize your life with this change in the NOW.  
  • Take the time to put yourself directly in the scene of this new life
  • Once you have accomplished this, you are talking with your friend. Tell this friend how you remember the way your life is used to be before the change.
  • Recall it as something from the past. Ask your friend if they “remember when”? (Fill in the blank).


  • “Do you remember, when I used to live in that crummy apartment building?”
  • “I remember living there before moving into my beautiful new house.”
  • “May be I will drive by it one of these days to see what it looks like now.”
  • “I love my new neighborhood so much.”
  • “I almost cannot believe I used to live in that apartment.”

Using the “remember when” law of attraction exercise, can quickly shift your mindset into a better place. By looking at the current situation as something that happened in the past, you tell your mind that you have moved on to better place.

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The sub-conscious mind does not know the difference between something real and something imagined. The more you practice, the more your mind will understand the changes as fact and it create it for you.

Exercise 4: Making the shopping list

law of attraction exercise
  • Every day, no matter where you go.
  • Scribble out list of things you see that you want. The more list you make, the better.
  • Treat the universe like your personal supermarket. Nothing is off limits.
  • It’s best to use loose scraps of paper that are unimportant. The more you lose and forget about these papers. 
  • The easier it becomes for them to manifest.

When we focus intentionally on waiting for something to show up in your life. We offer a vibration of worry or lack that creates that resistance.

Lists are easy to forget. They are not generally something we want to think too much about. And in this case, it releases our dreams to the universe, taking all the pressure off of the manifesting process. This is one of the powerful law of attraction exercise.

 Exercise 5: Getting in charge of your vibration with intention

law of attraction exercise

In order to send vibration that match your intention, your mind must believe in your power to create those intention.

Here the simple way to train your sub-conscious mind is by starting with small intentions that you act on.

  • Example say to yourself, “I am going to walk to the sink and wash this cup”.
  • Follow thru with it is effortlessly as possible.
  • Do it with a smile on your face, feeling how light and easy it is.
  • Throughout the day announce all small intentions and act them out.

This law of attraction exercise train your mind that whatever you intend, announce and will manifest. Acting out your intentions joyfully and effortlessly. Teaches the subconscious mind that the creation process is easy and delightful for you.

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Action is intention made manifest. As this becomes practice, work your way up the scale of things you intend to have happen in your life.

Exercise 6: Create what you already have

law of attraction exercise

Look at something you currently have and announce to yourself, “I have this……………….”


  • “I have this really comfortable bed”
  • “I have great a group of friends”
  • “I have a 100 dollar bill”

Now, remind yourself that you have created everything in your life. Follow that with announcing how powerful of a creator you are. You have already materialized so many things you desired.

Through focusing your creative intent on what you have already manifested. You can easily remind yourself of the power that you possess.

Repeat to yourself, “I am a powerful creator that can manifest whatever I choose”.  Offer gratitude for your creations and be delighted all of life supports you in your manifestations. It is also most powerful law of attraction exercise.

Exercise 7: Create an accomplished list

law of attraction exercise
  • Take a paper and pen
  • Start writing a list of 100 things you are proud of yourself for accomplishing
  • You can begin this from your early childhood and move into your adult life
  • Celebrate all the small things like successful drawing, course completing, how overcome fear, sports victory, birthdays, wedding days, new job, etc.., and credit yourself.
  • Notice how your heart, mind and body respond to each accomplishment.
  • Once you completed the list, see how many things you have achieved and how many success you have created.
  • Recognize yourself how powerful creator you are.

While this practice your mind will search the ways to help you complete it throughout the hours and days to follow. This keeps your mind set in the place of seeking success and creates even strong attraction where manifesting your goals is concerned.

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This law of attraction exercise (List) will help you to build confidence self-worth and drive towards creating the life that you want. It also instantly raise your vibration to that level matches success and will attract more of that your life.

Exercise 8: Create Action Diary

law of attraction exercise

Many of you use diary to record your everyday activities like gratitude writing, task and etc.…,

  • Visualize that you are writing your goal that actually happened.
  • Instead visualize your goals, just visualize that you are writing.

This is an amazing law of attraction technique that will actually work to you. It has worked many people. Example:

If you are a sales person, instead you visualize meeting people, explaining product details and etc.. Just visualize writing your everyday sale figures at your diary. This is simple and powerful.

Exercise 9: Draw your future

law of attraction exercise
  • Take a piece of paper and pencil or pen.
  • Just draw your future step by step.
  • No matter if you are not familiar with drawing, just draw.
  • No matter if the images now beautiful, just draw
  • Stick some-where and look every day.

This is one of the most powerful law of attraction technique. Why? If you do visualizing practice, it will take about few minutes to focus on your goals. If you do writing practice you will focus about 20-30 minutes on your goal.If you draw your future it will take about 1-2 hour. Your focus on your goal is much more time. This is very important that how many hours you focus on your goal. More time better.

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